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This website will present you all information about me and my work, jourmalism, music, scenarios, documentations. Production of websites.

Further than I want to offer a lot of photo - ablums with up to 100 years old photos till today.

This site is being published in German, English and (partly) in french language.

This website is being published analogous to my tv serie "The Ruhrpottclan" and wants to offer people a view to more than 2000 pictures of our region between Rhine and Ruhr. Forums and informationen about my music will follow.

This website is being published in English and German language at the moment.


I contentrate my viw to a better kindness to children in a qualitive way. Therefore a lot of prejudices have to be abolished.

This website is online in English and German language. com

Documentations about Violations of human rights, relegious freedom and stately organized crime in the Federal republik of Germany of today. An adviser for immigrants will follow.

This website had been online under the name since 2000 and is still under new construction, because the old site broke down.

The website is being published in German French and English language.

My brandnew satire site about the Islam is following my old tradition of religious satire against christianity started in 2002

If you don´t fear the Moslem hell, have a look at it! is being published in German, English and French laguage.

What´s the matter behind the fine fassades of the German justice? I don´t handle with errors of the justice, but perversions of right and other criminal acts of judges and state attorneys. Everybody is allowed to say his opinion.

This website is only published in German language. Information in English and French language you can get under

I report about my motivation to demand for asylum in Québec / Canada because of political and religious persecution. I ´ve given a reason for my demand of asylum.

This website is only being published in English and French language. Information in German language you can get under
I´ve cancelled this domain because of organizing reasons. But all of the old publication are still being online under, please follow the link "Stately church financing"
A succession from the church is the right way for everybody, it makes no difference whether you are religious or not. I ´m attempted to describe the situation in simply words.

This publications are online in German and English laguage.




My best running site brings more than 4.000 views per months without any public relations. is a satire about an imaginary evangelic clergyman, who ´d written more than 2000 statements in my guest books.

Be surprised, what will offer for you!

The site is published in German and English language.

Because of the great success of I ´m planning a second satire - site. The FRG has been nerglected by satirics up today at all, but the state offers a lot of jokes.

The site is being published in German, French and English language.




Reports of experiences of German and other European Imigrants in Canada.

The site will be published in Germand and English, repectively in French language.