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The tv - serie for the Ruhr - region: "The Ruhrpottclan"


Joachim Kossmann

Vinckestr. 49
44623 Herne

Tel. 02323 10382


A short describtion of the tv - serie

Provisional title: "The Rihrpottclan§

Written are 104 parts at 23 minutes and a pilote part at 30 minutes
The serie can be produced in a reasonably way because of an extensive renunciation exterior shootings.
The story should be regarded as a satire.


Achtio: The main person of the story is Else Vogel

Hauptperson der Geschichte ist Else Vogel

Erwin Vogel, Else´s later huband, had bought from a small heritage a cheap parcel of land coverd with ruiins at a nice village in the beautiful valley of the Ruhr shortly after the end of the war.and later he built a hosuse on it. Erwin is mason and workman in the buildiong - trade by profession.

The little village should develope itself during the following years of the German economic progress to a favored residential district for the riches and wealthy parvenus of the big cities of the Rhur - reigion in the neighborhood. Also the long established farmes became rich by selling their land.

But now Else is suffering very strong that just her husband Erwin belongs to the few non - university graduates and non - rich men in the village. Therefore Else despises him and exploits his working power in order to take part in the decadentic neigborhood. The biggest dream of Else is the building on an own nuclear - bunker, because so she could make the neighbors very envious. But a nuclear - bunker will cost a lot of money...

Else and Erwin have got two children, Barbara and Joerg. Barbara isn´t intellectual up of the level at all, but she ´d finished an education to become a kindergartner. But Joerg is is the pride of Else. He manages a veterinarian office in Bochum Gerthe and he ´s married with the extravagant Sabrina for a short time. The marriiage is still childless.

Daughter Barbara Neukirch Vogel married Alfred Neukirch some years ago. The both are happy married and ´ve got a two years old son named Sascha. Alfred Neukirch manages a succesful agency for artists in Wuppertal. He has always to trouble himself with his excentric artists. But also Alfred is exploited by Else, because Else´s new house has to be paid.

Dieter Neukirch is the brother of Alfred. He manages a bakery store in Witten, the busines is more or less good. He is very dissatisfied at all. Dieter is married with Eleonore Neukirch Klemper. The both have got two children, Simone and Manuel. Thereby is Klaus Jurgen from Leuna / GDR, the eldest son of Dieter. Klaus Juergen is the illegitimate sun of Dieter and comes from a liaison in Dieter´s youth with a girl of the FDJ. (Free German Youth, the youth organsation in the GDR). And now Klaus Juergen has moved to the west in order to get to know here everything.

Dieter and Alfred have got besides them a younger brother named Jonas Neukirch. Jonas seems to be the black sheep of the family.. He ist 35 years old and ´s still being a student, although Jonas is the most intelligent person of all, who likes to hoax his relationship.

Jonas ist still living with mother Irene, the commun mother of Alfred, Dieter and Jonas. And so Jonas hinders to the sorry of Else Vogel that mother Irene sells her nice house in Wanne - Eickel nearby the municipal park and tranfer it to her sons. Irene has got to much to do and would like to retore from work. But Jonas confirmed bachelor and will stay so.Der Vater von Jonas, Dieter und Alfred ist schon vor Jahren gestorben und spielt in dieser Geschichte keine Rolle.

Bot the thread of the story is grandma Agathe, the grandma of Alfred, Dieter and Jonas. She witnessed the time of Kaiser Wilhelm, she is very robust, shrill and has an indesstructable kind of humor. Agathe is always wearing a pink smock. She ist always surprising by her shrwedness and the wisdom of her old age.

Because also the dirty stuff may not be neglected we will get to know SM Susi who manages an exclusive brothel and has got a lot of customers from the Neukirch Vogel dynasty. SM Susi is the secret borgomaster of the village with good contacts to all another. Everybody knows her, nearly everybody is her customer, but nobody will not be anythin in commun with her in public. Illegal business are made via swindler Ede. Private detective Schockford is called for mostly succesless investigations from time to time. Lawyer Guenther Jusbieger is responsible fpr juristica helpl.

Later we will get to khnow the public prosecutor Jusdreher, both are descending from an old clan of jurists.

More or less intellectual dialogues will develope between all this persons which will make the joke of this story. There is enough material for more than 100 parts....

My aim is to make somethin new, what has not ever been gettin worn out by more than hundred versions. You can find materials in reality. This stories are not totally free invented in fact.

The scenario has been finished and corrected at the meantime. You can read the complete text in the internet. If you are interested in, you can ask me for the code. Please sent a letter via mail by using the writing - paper and stamp of your business. I would be very glad, if we could cooperate in order to realize the project.

Thereby I offer self - produced music and my polyglott website www.rheinruhrgebiet.com, www.visitruhr.com, www.bonjourruhr.com!

With thanks for your interst,

Herne, Febr. 23rd 2009  

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