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I ´m offering to you a view in my comprehensive photo - archive, from actuell photos up to hundred years old pictures of the time of Kaiser Wilhelm. The old photos are coming from the assets of my ancestors and had been partly neglected for decades. That is deplorable, because the photos are representing contemporary history, even if most of them are of private matters. I bought my first photo camera in 1978, but some of my photos ´ve already reaches a historical value.
I will supply the photos with other documents of time, for example bills, certificates etc.. A view will be senseful in this case too. I ´m sure that you will be surprised.
I want to obstain the publishing of movies or videos - I made movie pictures with an super 8 camere since 1972 - at the time, because I want to secure that the website can be received also by a normal telephone - connection.
I wish you a good time by locking at the photos!

Aktuelle Bilder von mir
Photos of my tattoos
Photos for press release with a very high definition

From the time of Kaiser Wilhelm, up to 1919
I own only a fwew photo, because the photographie was very expensive at that time

The 1930ths

On the river Weser nearbei Hoexter, Westphalie at the grain harvest
Stately school for architecture Holzminden

The 1940ths
The Second World War, the Russia campaign, at the home front, wedding during the war

The 1950ths
Photos from a Nort German album ca. 1950

Gruga Park Essen im the Ruhr area 1952
In Cologne and Bonn 1952
Travel to Switzerland with the Volkswagen Beetle 1958

Travel to Italy of my Father Hermann Kossmann in 1950
Reconstruction of the land, the German "Wirtschafgtswunder"
Photos from Hoexter on the Weser, railroad station, Weserbergland - Hospital, inthe winter - time

The 1960ths

Schulzeit in der katholischen Volksschule Marienschule in Wanne - Eickel

Die 1970ger Jahre

Die 1980ger Jahre Die 1990ger Jahre

nach der Jahrtausenwende

The building of the new Dayin event hall in Herne Horsthausen in 2003

The Dayin event hall, photos of 2005
Photos from the kurdish fest of the New Year, Newroz, March 20th, 2006 in the Dayin event hall
Event in cooperatione with the Herner Netz (culture club) and the Hek û Pek culture club on Sept., 9th 2005 in remembering to Robert Koldewei, who excavated Babylon

...please be a little bit patient, because it cost a lot of time to scann all the photos!

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